Together with Bergamo and Grosseto, Lucca is the other Italian city whose historical center is entirely enclosed within a perfectly preserved medieval wall, which in the autumn offers a panorama without equal in the world: the walk on the walls, in fact, is planted with trees that are colored with a thousand colors and exclusively pedestrian. There are still six entrance doors to the city and all the streets that lead from them, lead to the heart of the historic center: Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, so called because of the shape itself. Worthy of a visit are the numerous city churches, and most of all the Cathedral dedicated to S. Martino, with the adjoining bell tower, as well as the Clock Tower of the town hall which, in the past, was the only reference point to mark the rhythm of city activities. The story of another tower in Lucca, Torre Guinigi, is original.

Don’t miss a world-class event that involves the city at the end of October, the Lucca Comics & Games, a fair dedicated to comics, role-playing games, fantasy and video games that transforms the city into a stage for concerts, exhibitions, masked parades.

The entrance ticket to the city for tourist buses is € 66.11, as indicated by the municipal regulations, which can be consulted on the city’s official website: Dedicated parking areas are managed by the local transport company, Itinera, and can be found at the following link:

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